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Lexani Forged Apparel

Inspired by the Lexani Forged Collection.


Lexani Posters

January 03, 2014

Flair up your location with these Lexani Posters! This new collection features the new products from Lexani Wheels. See our vast selection of luxury wheels, and endless amount of color combinations. Stay tuned for new options in the near future. Continue Reading →

The New Lexani Lifestyle Page

December 31, 2013

Welcome!  Before you is our new Lexani Lifestyle page. Lexani thrives itself to continue its pursuit of excellence, and our Lifestyle division is no different. Our new site includes a beautiful new interface, making shopping much easier. New merchandise will make it's appearance on the home page, to keep you up to date with Lexani products. Need to remain connected with Lexani? Our site includes links to all social media sites. Even better, the home page includes a live feed of our Twitter page. Stay tuned for new merchandise. 2014 will be a greater year for our Lexani fans.  Continue Reading →